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Tiptree Award

I have been going to Wiscon now for a number of years, and I have re-connected with my inner feminist in a way that has been very creative, if sometimes … Continue reading

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Bestiary Raven/Crow

I have always been captivated by medieval bestiaries ever since I was introduced to them through T.H. White’s delightful “The Once and Future King”. While they read like mythology they … Continue reading

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Spiral Trumpet Openwork Ring

This style is based on an Iron Age Irish style called “spiral-trumpet”. Like all pre-Christian Irish styles, it was abstract and its meaning is obscure. This style set Irish Iron … Continue reading

July 31, 2013 · 1 Comment

Scythian Deer

There is much debate among archaeologists about whether the Celts were influenced by the Scythians in their animal art. One argument against such influence is that there have been no … Continue reading

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Hecate has been variously translated as “will”, “she that operates from afar”, “she that removes or drives off”,and sometimes “the far reaching one” or “the far-darter”. She is a ver … Continue reading

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Occasionally there are moments in my life when all of my senses feel heightened. When I am truly present in the moment, experiencing it vividly on an emotional, physical and … Continue reading

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Liquid Enamel

Liquid enamel is something new to me. I started using it after doing the Minakari research, since all the books said that the base white coat of enamel was dipped, … Continue reading

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Sad Partings

Well, I am sadly saying goodbye to my old van – my companion on many adventures around North America in my old gypsy life. She was a 2000 Toyota Sienna, … Continue reading

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Calla Lily

I love the graceful curves of this unassuming flower, and decided it would be a good design to use as practice for cloisonne. Cloisonne is one of the most time … Continue reading

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Hawthorn Tree

I have two main tree designs which can be altered to indicate different trees by changing the terminals and colour. (See also Tree Series # 1) This one is based … Continue reading

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