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Sad Partings


Visiting Brooke and Mary in Huntley, VA

Well, I am sadly saying goodbye to my old van – my companion on many adventures around North America in my old gypsy life. She was a 2000 Toyota Sienna, and I clocked 386,936 Km on her. She’d had a new engine put in a few years ago … but she never had a speck of rust in spite of the fact that I scraped her on both sides. She took me across the country to Seattle, and down through Colorado to Virginia and back home again. She took me to Massachusetts, Rhode Island  and Up-state New York again and again. We went to Georgia together twice, Ohio a few times and once to Tennessee.


Sleeping Quarters

She wasn’t just my companion – she was my home. She carried my display and my work. I slept in her, and cooked delicious meals on my two burner camp stove in her shelter. (In those days I was known as the Roadside Gourmet). During down time, or after dark I watched movies on my laptop or read a good book. I loved the simplicity and self sufficiency of life within her confines. I never felt lonely.

She and I would go off  for two or three weeks at a time. I would have shows on the week-ends, but in between the time was my own. Quite often I would just go to a beautiful state park, set up in a quiet corner and process all the amazing conversations I’d had at the show. Often putting my thoughts down on paper in the form of new designs. Sometimes I’d visit friends, sleeping in their driveway if they had cats (I am allergic), or drop in to a big city to wander through museums.

With my little dollar store crow mascot on the dash I looked forward to the journey as much as the stops on the way.

I am grateful for all the good times we had together.


Looking out for the next adventure

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