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Custom Cufflinks

This was a nice little Christmas collaboration with Twain Design Jewellers in Toronto.

Enameling is not always easy, though it might seem so if you did it at summer camp! They say you can learn enameling in a day, but it takes a lifetime to perfect it.

Enamel is glass, so when it melts – it doesn’t melt like ice (just spreading out) it first pulls together, and then begins to flow. As it is doing this, the metal underneath s first expanding and then contracting (as it cools) so there is quite a lot of tension, and unless the metal is carefully designed, and the enamel carefully applied, cracks can develop.

It is often hard for me to communicate these issues to people unfamiliar with the material.

The artists at Twain were amazing and consulted with me at every stage to make sure the metal substrate was the best it could be.

The metal was cast in palladium white gold, with the settings for the diamonds incorporated before enameling. Then, after enameling, the diamonds just needed to be dropped in and pinched.

The result was stunning!

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