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WORKING ARTIST: A Retrospective Hybrid On-line/In-person Exhibition/Concert

Like most artists I struggle with using technology in a way that makes sense. My vision for this exhibition is to use technology in a different way to get people engaged with art, instead of just passively looking at pictures.

Programming will be on Saturdays but the exhibition will be open for viewing and discussion Thurs & Fri 6pm-9pm and Sunday 1pm-6pm both in person and on Zoom.

APRIL 9 th- 30th

IN PERSON: 62 Geary Avenue, Toronto M6H 2B5 (please register at eventbrite – it’s free!)


Apart from scheduled events – the exhibition will be open for viewing every Thursday and Friday from 6pm to 9pm and Sundays from 1-6pm. throughout the month of April (after the Opening ) both in person, and on Zoom.

APRIL 9 This is the opening party! 1PM – 6PM

1pm Live concert with myself and singing partner Jennifer Wakefield singing songs we learned during COVID! Mostly of a folky nature with lots of harmonies. I hope you will come in person, but if you live far away or have limited time, please drop by, so I can see you and say hello. Concert will start on YouTube live – and then move to Zoom

3pm I will do a tour of the show – if you are on Zoom, you will see close-ups of all the pieces in the show. You will have a chance to ask me questions, and interact with others on the Zoom. Please bring friends!

3:30pm I hope to start a discussion with enamelists Faith Layard and Gabrielle Castonguay about the specific challenges we face. (to be confirmed)

At 3:30pm I hope to start a discussion with other enamelists about the specific challenges we face.

April 16: 1PM – 6PM Focus on Collaboration

1pm I will sing some songs from my Irish repertoire that I learned from listening to singers in the Canadian archives in Ottawa.

2pm Discussion with artist collective An Droichead/The Bridge (2001-2008)

One of the pivotal points in my career was founding and working with art collective An Droichead/The Bridge. Our mandate was to raise the bar on quality of contemporary art inspired by the Celtic tradition, but also to forge ‘bridges’ between the past and the present, between artist and community, between art and craft, and between cultures. It was an exciting and creative time. Some of the former members I see regularly, and some I haven’t talked with in a while. We will look back on what we have accomplished, and talk about where we all are now. Laura Travis: stone carving, Brigitte Wolf: stained glass, Brenda Roy: goldsmith, Darrell Markewitz: blacksmith.

April 23rd – 1PM – 6PM Focus on Celtic

I will open this one by singing a few songs that I learned in Ireland in the ‘sean-nos’ (old style) tradition. 1pm – 1:30pm

Discussion with International Celtic Artists 2pm – 3pm

Last year the first even International Celtic Art Conference was held in Andover, New York, bringing together a wide array of traditional Celtic artists and scholars. The second annual was scheduled for June of 2019 … and we all know what happened to that! Now we are planning for 2023 … Some of the attendees and speakers will meet with me to discuss the future of Celtic Art. Stephen Walker: metalsmith, Ruth Black: weaver, Michael Carrol: illumination artist

April 30th: Free form closing party! Some music, some dicussion, some celebration! Bring your questions or comments about art and its place in the contemporary world.

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