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Moving Parts 1.2

I was privileged to be asked to sing in the Moving Parts choir again. Denise Fujiwara had added two more songs/dance numbers and those along with one song from the previous version of Moving Parts formed the basis of our entry in the 25th Anniversary Dusk Dances Festival.

Dusk Dances presents contemporary and community dance in an informal setting in the beautiful Withrow Park in east Toronto. We performed 9 times – each night from Sunday to Sunday and a matinee on the final Sunday.

It’s not just the pleasure of working with consummate professionals, who treat each other and those who work with them with love and respect, but the incredible community that is created, and the meaningful nature of the work. Denise’s dance is designed so that we will ask ourselves questions about how we are in the world, with a hope that we can move forwaard in peace and understanding.

It was a very theraputic experience as well as a great pleasure. To know that we can create community, create beautiful art, and touch people’s lives. That is, after all, what art SHOULD do!

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