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Moving Parts

My latest musical project is a choral/dance production called “Moving Parts” (click this link for tickets!) It was choreographed by Denise Fujiwara, with the music arranged by Laurel McDonald and Phil Strong. Cathy Nosaty has been the choral conductor, and is the glue that holds us all together.

Moving Parts Company 1

Photo by Mark Korven

As most of you know I have virtually no experience singing in a choir – so even though the music is not difficult – it is quite challenging for me, as I am not used to precision or strict meter (or even perfect intonation, if I am honest) Traditional Irish music doesn’t rely on any of these things!

But working in a choral group has other satisfactions. The arrangements by Phil Strong and Laurel McDonald of the four pieces (Mad World by Tears for Fears, Hey World by Michael Franti, Quiet by Milck and Rise Up by the Parachute Club) are really amazing. There are three parts (rather than the typical SATB) and the parts are quite close together, so there is a specific kind of buzzing sound that is created that is really fun to do, and really evocative and emotional. The spare musical accompaniment underpins the vocals beautifully. There is a special bond that is formed with a large group of people singing together (there are 35+ of us), and a very special experience when it all comes together.



Having such generous creative people at the helm is also a big asset. There is an obvious rapport between the various creators, and I have never felt one moment of tension – just generous and open collaboration. Such a pleasure.

Our production is part of a larger program (curated by Mimi ) celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Danceworks

Moving Parts Company hands 1

Photo by Mark Korven

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