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Sun and Sword

This was a special order that Sarah at  “Made You Look”  asked me to be involved in. One of her other designers, Ulrich Dehez was going to do the silver work. It was a wedding gift from the bride to the groom;  an image from his favorite video game – and she wanted it done up in style. The finished piece was just around $900

It was a really fun project – but it wasn’t easy. Now that you have watched this whole video I can tell you that the finished piece wasn’t made that way!. Once I put the red over the gold foil I was not happy – and I ended starting again from scratch. I put gold foil under the whole piece, and went from there. Sometimes you just have to cut your loses and start again instead of spending all the time trying to fix a little flaw.

I didn’t have time to make a movie for the second process! But the piece was really gorgeous when it was done!

_DSC0086 _DSC0091

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