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The Gypsy Settles Down

I have been on the road for most of the summer – so it has been difficult to post. Between that and setting up my new enamel supply business – every day has been full to the brim – bu there’s been no time to post bout it!

I didn’t do nearly as many shows as in the past. The shows are just not working anymore – and it’s not the economy – it’s the Internet. It used to be that the economic engine of a show was the urgency to buy. Websites have made that urgency obsolete, and follow up sales via the web don’t always happen.

It has saddened me not to be able to do as much travelling. I love being on the road. Meeting new people, having adventures, seeing new places. The idyllic years were the ones when I could be on the road for weeks at a time. Going to festivals on the week-ends, and spending the time in between visiting museums and galleries in the big cities like Philly and Washington, or staying at a beautiful state park, pondering all of my experiences, and taking time to process them. These were very creative times for me.

But like all small businesses – when economic climate changes – I have to change with it (no-one there to give ME a bailout package!)

So I am teaching more (which I also love, but in a different way) and that led to the idea of starting an on-line enamel supply business. It means I am spending a little more time doing administrative work than I would like … but I am still managing to pursue new projects – and am particularly interested in developing my grisaille technique. Here are my latest pieces – which I plan to have bezeled and turned into earrings. They’re 1 3/4″ long

These are not all the stages – just some. I get so involved I forget to take all the pictures. There are 6 firings of white altogether, and four firings to build up the base coats.

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