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This was definitely one of the most extraordinary productions I have ever been a part of.

R. Murray Schaeffer is Canada’s most famous contemporary composer. His scores are like nothing a traditional musician has ever seen

This particular composition had only been performed once before (1984 I believe) since it has a cast of 1000 – it is somewhat daunting!!

The truly amazing David Fallis was the musical director, who was responsible for conducting

the Cantores Celestes Women’s Choir,
Seraphim Men’s Chorus,
Hamilton Children’s Choir,
The Element Choir, (this included me!)
Univox Choir,
Belle’arte Singers,
City Choir,
First Unitariarn Congregation Choir,
Oakham House Choir (Ryerson),
Singing Out,
Cantablie Chamber Choir,
Choir 21,
Toronto Chamber Choir,
Hannaford Youth Program (a brass ensemble)
Musica Reflecta (a chamber orchestra)
a percussion ensemble led by Ryan Scott

ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! And that was just the first half! There were more choirs and ensembles in the 2nd have (approx 500 performers in each act) It was an astonishing feat. And done with great generosity and kindness as well as supreme competence.

We worked most with David, but the director and choreographer Lemi Pontifasio, and his dancers (Mau) were truly amazing also. Each part of the performance was carefully and meticulously planned and executed to re-create Murray Schaeffer’s vision through Lemi’s eyes.

It was truly a once in a lifetime experience!


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