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George Brown ConEd Enameling Class

George Brown College, Casa Loma Campus

Yes, it’s time once again to  encourage would-be enamelists in the Toronto area to come out and take the challenge!

I have been teaching at George Brown College (Casa Loma Campus) for over 6 years now. This is the most comprehensive class that is being taught in the area, providing an introduction to all aspects of enamel practice. I really enjoy teaching the class at George Brown. My students there are the most serious – and quite a few have gone on to become enamelists in their own right.

three kilns
Three large kilns (area 5 on the left)

Teaching at the folk schools can be fun – but the reality is that most of those students don’t actually want to learn. They will never buy a kiln – or experience the joys and pains of mastering this demanding medium. They want me to guide them in a fun and interesting way through the steps of making something that they can take home.  After all – for most of them folk-school is a holiday – not a true learning experience. However it does give them a greater appreciation for the dedication and skill involved in being an enamelist – and that in itself is a worthwhile goal.


12″ x 12″ x 6″ interior

But those who really are smitten by the alchemy of glass and metal fusion should join me at George Brown. We can really build an understanding of what enamel is and how it works (and what it can do!)  For me enameling is not just fun – it is a passion. Every time I put a piece in the kiln I get a rush of excitement to know what it will become under the transformative influence of fire!

If you want more detail on what the course entails – please follow this link to my teaching site. To register go here

Hope to see you there!

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