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The Year in Review

Well here we are in 2011. Already a whole decade of the new century has passed. It’s going so fast that I can barely keep up. When I look back at 2010, I can hardly believe how much was accomplished!

This year I bought my own silversmithing hammer and began experimenting with 3 dimensional shapes. I cut my hair short for the first time in my life and took to wearing hats. In my volunteer capacity as Communications officer at the Metal Arts Guild I went through my first ever Strategic Planning process, and went from curmudgeonly skeptic to enthusiastic participant. I took some free business workshops from Enterprise Toronto and began developing a marketing strategy (not something I ever envisioned doing!!) I began taking advantage of living around the corner from the Art Gallery of Ontario and visited more. Often weekly, often with friends. I began applying myself more seriously to yoga practice and re-discovered the need for meditation. Sang Beatles songs with my improvisational choir. Grew my new enamel supply business. Taught at my first Elder Hostel. Had my sketches published in a book (and had an awesome book launch party!)
This is the year that I really settled in to living in Toronto. After 10 years of having a life that was almost totally ‘on the road’, it was a much easier transition than I imagined, in fact it happened almost without my noticing it. lI ove my studio in Mirvish Village. I love this city. It’s big enough that small quirky endeavours like mine can flourish and find convivial friends. I still feel a bit like a kid in a candy store. I can walk a couple of blocks to a great jazz club, and leaf through NOW Magazine’s event listings and make my plans. The best part is that none of it has to cost much. PWYC theatre matinees, live music and community events are constants. And just getting together with a growing number of interesting and erudite friends!

I barely miss life on the road. The Internet (especially Facebook!) has made it easier to stay in touch with my friends from far away – and I still do a bit of travelling that allows me to stay in touch with them – and to make the new connections that keep me from feeling that I am stagnating 😉

My life is very full and I am very grateful for it! My hope for 2011 is to start a new decade of adventure where fulfilling and challenging work is balanced with time for friends and family. Where all the blessings I receive are balanced by giving back.


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