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Practice Project: Frog

I have to confess that by the time I got to the frog I was getting pretty lazy with taking pictures – as you will see there are many stages left out in this series of process shots. It was still good practice in cloisonne for me, though what I have in mind for the future is quite different.

cloisonne frog
I already had two layers wet-packed before I even started taking pictures of this little guy. I also decided to make him entirely in lead free enamels (I usually use leaded Soyer enamels from France) because of the orange – which is a shade I don’t have in the leaded colours. Unfortunately I had less choices in the greens and blues – so he came out a little lacklustre …

cloisonne frog
3rd coat fired past sugar to orange-peel

cloisonne frog
Fourth coat wet packed

cloisonne frog
Fifth coat wet-packed

cloisonne frog
Fifth coat fired

cloisonne frog
Sixth coat fired

cloisonne frog
Seventh coat wet-packed

cloisonne frog
Eighth coat wet-packed

cloisonne frog
Final fire (there were 15 firings in all, including the counter-enamel, the flux and the initial fire of the wires)

One comment on “Practice Project: Frog

  1. Linda
    November 5, 2008

    Catherine, these cloisonne pieces are so lovely! Would you do a turtle — a red-eared slider — for me? They are very colorful turtles, with the red spots on their heads as well as pale yellow stripes on neck and feet, and various shades of patterned green on the shell. If you’re interested and need some nice photos, I’ll glad to help.

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