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Toronto Irish Players

01.etch resist

Painted with etch resist

I was delighted to be commissioned by the Toronto Irish Players to design the award for the Acting Irish International Theatre Festival, which they hosted in 2006 (It is hosted in a different city each year)
Their only direction was to incorporate the logo in some way.

02 etched

After etching

Back in my theatre days I was an active member of the Toronto Irish Players (or just TIP as they are generally known), which is an amateur company that produces professional quality Irish plays for the Toronto community.

TIP prides itself on its professionalism, and has won many awards in community theatre festivals here in Canada and in the USA


First layer of enamel inlaid

The central image of the award is the Toronto Irish Players’ logo

The swan has particular meaning for the Irish as it has a very strong place in folklore

The Children of Lir, which tells the tale of three children that were turned into swans by an evil step sister is a defining one for the Irish

04.first firing

First firing

You can find out more about them here

Fired on the back - signed and dedicated

Fired on the back – signed and dedicated

06.wetpacking second coat

Final inlay

After sanding a final fire brings the shine back to the enamel and the copper is polished

After sanding and re-firing the piece is polished

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